This book is intended for purchasing professionals and product designers in the electronic products supply chain. While the book describes all elements of the supply chain, its focus is on those topics that enable rapid time to market intervals for electronic products and cost effective manufacturing solutions. The topics of security of supply, product cost, and compliance from the perspective of supply base design are treated more thoroughly than broader supply chain considerations such as logistics and enterprise systems.

The supply chain and its performance are a critical element in a product’s success. Consider the need to have just enough – but not too much- product on the store shelves at Christmas. If you have had the frustrating experience of required product being out of stock, made a purchase of a less expensive alternative to product that you felt was too expensive or have received a product recall notice due to safety or environmental issues then you have firsthand experience of poor supply chain performance. Likewise, on time delivery of exactly what you need, transacted seamlessly and cost effectively, is only possible because of supply chain design and execution excellence. This achievement is not easy. Think of ski apparel where the styles and colours must be available in the right mix for a very short buying season. Supply chains are critical; wars cannot be fought without munitions, companies cannot survive without profits and our environment needs responsible sustainability.

The book will be suitable as a university level text in supply management courses; we have kept the writing straightforward so that those unfamiliar with supply chain terms and language can easily understand the ideas and concepts used in supply chain design. The subject matter is complete and relevant to modern supply chains and informs the reader through exposure to best practices in supply chain design.

I would like to thank all professionals who contribute to this book; your insights, critiques and sharing of personal experience will help to guide this book through completion.

Ken Bradley – Lytica Inc. Founder/Chairman

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