SCMR Book Project


The SCMR book project (Supply Chain Fundamentals: A Guide for Supply Chain Professionals & Electronic Designers) is being written using a novel approach; we are engaging the supply management and design community in its creation. The intent of the book is to inform and expose the reader to supply chain best practices. It is meant to be suitable as a university level text in supply management courses; we wish to keep the writing straightforward so that those unfamiliar with supply chain terms and language can easily understand the ideas and concepts.

Periodically, drafts of each chapter or subchapter will be posted for review and critique. Comments from reviewers will be considered and factored into subsequent redrafts of the chapters.

Readers can provide feedback and make commentary  through the comments section within each chapter (refer to Terms & Conditions of use).  Comments from users will be visible on the chapter page. We encourage interested parties to register and comment as this will allow SCMR to follow up with the reviewer for clarification, provide notifications of chapter revisions and new chapter postings.  Through this iterative process we will improve the content’s readability and relevance to Supply Chain practitioners.

Thank you for your participation, and we forward to your comments.

Let’s get reading and writing…


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